SEX is the most Beautiful Gift of Nature to mankind.
SEX is Creative and also Recreational.
SEX creates life and adds happiness in the life.

SEX is Physical, sex is also Energy.
SEX is Biological, so also Spiritual.
SEX is Sensual, sex is also Divine.
Sex is Passion, so also LOVE.

SEX permeates our whole being. We cannot escape its influence.

Sex unites two beings, two loving people.
This is the only binding, which gives us freedom.
Freedom from body consciousness, freedom from thoughts & feelings, freedom from ego boundaries, and Freedom from duality.

SEX establishes us in the state of Pure Consciousness.

These highest privileges of our human existence, one can have only through the medium of sex. And, one can also be instrumental in helping his or her beloved, in undergoing these experiences, through the acts of lovemaking.

We all are gifted in the art of lovemaking. Each one of us has the hidden potential to give & receive love & sexual joy.

In order to fully explore our love and sex potential, we need to learn the Science and the Art of Lovemaking.

– Hitesh Shah


Sexual health is the most vital aspect of our living and deserves special attention from educational and therapeutic angle. Dr. Shah is a certified clinical sexologist by the American Board of Sexology. He is chief director of the Purnam Academy of Sexual Science; the academy is dedicated to the clinical, academic and research work in the field of human relationship and sexuality. He has to his credit presentation of various scientific and research papers on national and international platforms. He firmly believes from his more than 25 years of Homeopathic practice and dedication to the field of Human Sexuality, that Homeopathy, by virtue of its Holistic and Individualistic approach, has tremendous role to play in treatment of psychological stress, marital discord, psychosomatic disorders, and sexual dysfunction.