Passionless nights and unconnected togetherness!

May be,
you are you also passing through similar feelings of Inadequacy, Incompleteness as a man, performance anxiety, low self esteem and low sexual confidence, nervousness, avoidance behavior and depression?
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Sexual incompatibility

Sync. Harmonize. Merge.

Emotional bonding, intellectual levelheadedness and sexual compatibility are essential for a great companionship and profound intimacy in a couple.
The sexual compatibility is determined by various factors like desire discrepancy, likes and dislikes (e.g. for oral sex), timing (e.g. night person v/s, morning person), knowledge of erotic zones, openness to experimentation, impact of past psycho sexual trauma or experiences, size mismatch, communication on sexual matters, differential attitudes on matters like porn watching etc.  Feel unconnected and incompatible with your partner? Contact us

Emotional Incompatibility

There are certain strong starting points of a happy emotional bonding like attraction or admiration or feelings for eachother. But, often human relationship passes throuh evolution and experiences roller coaster ride of emotional happiness and sadness, satisfaction and dissatisfaction, fulfillment and frustration.

There can be underlying emotional bonding and commitment but at times the emotion tension between two personalities at peak and often it becomes a new disruptive pattern of emotional and communicatioonal disconnect.

Such a situation demands lot of patience, self learning, forgiveness, overcoming hurt feelings – hurt ego – blaming states  – guilt – prejudices.

Its a beautiful journey to undergo counselling and experience freedom from once own negative state and be much more caring, compassionate friendly and loving with the partner. Discovering the higher purpose and trye meaning of relationship itself becomes insightful spiritual journey as well.

Sensitivity. Forgiveness. Affection. Respect. Care. Love.

Communication Problems

Need to Empathize!

Communication is what connects the Life, meaning fully, Empathy, heart to heart connect, compassion, sensitivity, listening, unselfishness (non self contentedness), non judgmental state, unconditional love and playfulness all makes communication truly harmonious and life fulfilling. This especially applies to a couple relationship and their intimacy.

Plagued with disruptive patterns of communication? Feel strong need to truly connect with partner heart to heart? Ready learn? Eager to experience harmony and happiness in relationship?

I invite you to this beautiful journey of ‘love – connect’.

Extra Marital Affair

Marriage is a beautiful and sacred system of love, intimacy, commitment and companionship. Nevertheless being a (hu)man made system, it is often transgressed under the forces of polygamous attraction duet to biological and/ or emotional and / or relationship factors. Every couple relationship or every individual is relatively vulnerable

Destiny or Chemistry or Chance or Choice or Reason?!

Position Posture Movement Guidence

Mechanics are essential to chemistry!

Surprisingly lot of ‘armatures’ including newly married couples, find it really difficult to adopt right posture to penetrate and / or do the right kind of pelvis thrusting moments resulting into inability to do proper penetrative intercourse. Couple only land up with confusion and nervousness after initial experimentation. This often affect their arousal ( erection in men and lubrication in women) and their overall flow of love making.

Come and experience the learning of precise mechanics of how to adopt the right posture, how to enter and how to do pelvic -thrusting movements (in a symbolic ways) and achieve completeness in your sex life.

Intimacy Issues

Its human need to be loved and trusted. Its a beautiful feeling to have sense of belonging, with the life partner. Ego melts when you are in love and total ‘surrender’ happen, while preserving your individuality and space.But, its also in human nature to feel unloved or mistrust!

Come and solve all issues pertaining to love, trust, communication, non caring, in-sensitiveness, self contentedness, feeling of rejection. lack of romance and chemistry.

Relationship evolves only if introspection and self learning takes place!

Stress and Sex

Sex is biggest stress buster

Sex is biggest stress buster.

So also, stress can overwhelm an individual and directly or indirectly (through stress disorders like hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, obesity, hyperlipidemia, nicotine and alcohol consumption) affect once libido (desire / passion) and peformance.

Todays high paced life rapidly results into stress – burn out state.

Many couples, especially if both are working, find it really difficult to cope up with stresses of day to day life issues ( struggle, work pressure ), circumstantial issues (financial, sickness of self or family members) relaionship issues (temperamental, communicational, and communicational), emotional  issues etc.

To add to it, after initial sexual problems,  sexual performance pressure , feeling of inadequacy, frustration piles up affecting sexual functions more badly.

There is a way out to experience stress free sex, while building one’s coping ability and adaptation!

Unconsummated Marriage

Its not surprising that hundreds of couples have received successful guidance from us for their difficulty of consummation i.e. inability to do peno vaginal penetrative intercourse. We get couple straight from honeymoon on one hand where as many come after one, three, five, ten or even more years of marriage, unconsummated.
The reasons for non consummation can be Male factors, female factors, Position – posture – movement factors. Often its a combination of all three categories of factors. We have pioneered the ways to evaluate such a situation and guide the often discouraged, demoralized couple to a smooth and pleasurable start of their sex life.

Married yet virgin, for a reason!

Sleep and Sex

Good sleep - great sex. Good sex - great sleep!

Sleep is an amazing psycho-physiological function which rejuvenates us. This essential part of daily life is most often ignored or taken for granted. Inadequate sleep and sleep disorders are becoming norms! This affects our emotional well being, mood, physical health as well as our libido and sexual performance. In fact we have produced an awareness film on importance of sleep in our day to day life. Watch here. Sleep, stress and sex are intricately inter influential

Relationship Issues and Sex

Harmony, peace, love, respect, care and affection are essential in a relationship to ignite passion and keep afloat the higher levels of sexual intimacy and joy. Often the relationships are evolving and negative emotions like hurt feelings and ego, anger, sadness, mistrust, insecurity etc takes its toll on sexual desire and performance. Our comprehensive approach primarily evaluates the quality of couples relationship and its impact on their sex life and also helps them enrich their emotional bond!

“Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions.” - Woody Allen

Communication is the Key