Am I a Man Anymore?

May be,
you are also passing through similar feelings of Inadequacy,
Incompleteness as a man,
performance anxiety, low self esteem and low sexual confidence,
nervousness, guilt, sexual avoidance behavior,hopelessness, worthlessness and depression?

Don’t worry we help you understand your problem and also provide

Effective Sex Solution…

Low Sexual Desire

Men, and low sexual desire!? Sounds unbelievable, but its true.

Men, and low sexual desire!? Sounds unbelievable, but its true.

Apart from genetic, hereditary, biological, medical and hormonal factors, in this modern and digital area with varieties of rising levels of stress, relationship issues, stress disorders, medications, addictions and lifestyle issues the incidences of low sexual desire is on phenomenal rise, in todays men.

And that’s all the more reason that these complex factors requires highly comprehensive (evaluation and) approach and not just shots of external testosterone (or any so called ‘aphrodisiacs’ or sex tonics or stimulants) which is always tagged with side effects and has the potential to reduce body’s own capacity to produce natural testosterone.

We specialize in going to the root cause of your problem and help you recover with long term and natural, medicinal and non medicinal solutions!

Erectile Dysfunction

Common Reasons:

1. Medical or Organic: Hypertension. Diabetes. High cholesterol and triglycerides. Neurological disorders. Low testosterone. High Prolactin. Hypothyroid with high TSH. Allopathic medicines (antihypertensive, sleep and depression pills, antibiotics, painkillers, anti allergic, antacids, anti lipids etc.), low hemoglobin, Alcohol and Nicotine and other substance abuse.

2. Psychological and situational: Emotional trauma. Mental stress including work and finance related. Performance pressure and anxiety.

There are often combination of all these and other factors in most cases. This requires highly comprehensive evaluation and approach, and not just shots of sildenafil citrate or tadalafil (or any so called ‘aphrodisiacs’ or sex tonics or stimulants) which is always tagged with side effects and dependence and has the potential to reduce body’s own capacity to produce natural erection.

We specialize in going to the root cause of your problem and help you recover with long term and natural, medicinal and non medicinal solutions! Without any side effects or dependence.

Only potent thing against love is Impotency!

Premature Ejaculation

Everything in life is good to achieve quickly and before time, except orgasm!

Premature Ejaculation is essentially an early orgasmic response, due to fast pace of excitement, resulting in quick achieving of orgasm and hence ejaculation. It reflects lack of control on force / pace or sexual excitement rather than lack of strength.


1. Local hypersensitivity of glans.

2. Constitutionally many individuals are known to react fast, sexually.

3. Previous history of masturbation where one is habituated to masturbate to quickly to orgasm; and, then it becomes a self repetitive response pattern in any sexual encounter, too.

4. Lack of stamina and fitness. Including due to overweight, hypertension and cardiac disorders.

5. Stress and hurried nature.

Solution: With our innovative and scientific approach we have made a classic breakthrough, which help you permanently improve and change your fast pace of excitement to a moderate one, which naturally prolongs your timings in each sexual encounter.

Performance Anxiety

Any problem in erection or condition of premature ejaculation, or even an occasional failure to do proper love making, is perceived a s a blot to manhood!
This triggers severe performance pressure and performance anxiety in many men. During their foreplay, instead of being spontaneous and sensuous, they tend to become conscious and nervous. This further takes away their arousal and creates more problem with erection. This escalates anxiety.

Thus a vicious circle develops.

And, ultimately men start avoiding – thus enters ‘avoidance phase or avoidance behavior’! On other hand the partner also undergoes her misery.
Initially she is supportive and keeps patience. But when repeatedly finding herself left high and dry and finding the male partner getting disappointed and embarrassed, ultimately she also suppresses her desire or looses interest.

And, as a couple the romance takes back foot and the chemistry goes downhill spiral. Ultimately they loose hope and become frustrated and depressed.
There is a classical way to come out of this state and rekindle love, romance and passion. Couple can very soon experience spontaneity and sensuality. And, experience fulfilling sex life.

We have specialized and innovated couple therapy solutions and Homeopathic remedies to overcome anxiety and build sexual confidence.

‘Performance’ and ‘Performing’ matters a lot to men’s sexual self esteem and effects the very core of his manhood!

Phimosis - Para Phimosis

The physical block, most often solvable without surgery!

Phimosis is tight foreskin which can not be retracted back on the glans (head or the front part of the penis) penis.
This creates difficulty during intercourse leading to pain, distraction and loss of erection and most of th time making vaginal penetration (insertion) of penis, impossible. A forceful intercourse can even result in bleeding from frenulum.
Generally these cases are advised circumcision. But, we treat phimosis without surgery in 99 % cases unless it a a very very tight foreskin with pin hole opening.

Why its important to preserve foreskin and avoid circumcision:

The rubbing of an elastic and normal foreskin gives a very fine quality of pleasure during intercourse (in and out movement of penis leads the rubbing of foreskin on the glans penis).

Paraphimosis is a condition where, when the foreskin is retracted back but can not be put back to original place. This leads to severe swelling and other severe complications. Generally this is a surgical emergency but most of such cases we treat without surgery through our innovative approach and help person to preserve foreskin which is an excellent source of fine pleasure.

Unconsummated Marriage

Its not surprising that hundreds of couples have received successful guidance from us for their difficulty of consummation i.e. inability to do peno vaginal penetrative intercourse. We get couple straight from honeymoon on one hand where as many come after one, three, five, ten or even more years of marriage, unconsummated.
The reasons for non consummation can be Male factors, female factors, Position – posture – movement factors. Often its a combination of all three categories of factors. We have pioneered the ways to evaluate such a situation and guide the often discouraged, demoralized couple to a smooth and pleasurable start of their sex life.

Married yet virgin, for a reason!

Stress and Sex

Less stress more sex. More sex less stress! More stress less sex. Less sex more stress!

If you have experienced this nothing more remains to be explained. So simply put, our approach help to distress you where passion and performance can really blossom in you and your relationship.

Sleep and Sex

Sleep is an amazing psycho-physiological function which rejuvenates us. This essential part of daily life is most often ignored or taken for granted. Inadequate sleep and sleep disorders are becoming norms! This affects our emotional well being, mood, physical health as well as our libido and sexual performance. In fact we have produced an awareness film on importance of sleep in our day to day life. Watch here. Sleep, stress and sex are intricately inter influential.

Good sleep - great sex. Good sex - great sleep!

Realtionship Issues and Sex

“Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions.” ― Woody Allen

Harmony, peace, love, respect, care and affection are essential in a relationship to ignite passion and keep afloat the higher levels of sexual intimacy and joy. Often the relationships are evolving and negative emotions like hurt feelings and ego, anger, sadness, mistrust, insecurity etc takes its toll on sexual desire and performance. Our comprehensive approach primarily evaluates the quality of couples relationship and its impact on their sex life and also helps them enrich their emotional bond!

Communication is the Key